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Quality of Life Update for Backpacks and Containers

Awhile back, Brass posted a video in discord where he could freely place an item in an unnamed container wherever he wanted and it stayed there ant it had the caption "Soon."
Every since that post, I've been coming up with several quality of life updates that Backpacks and Badges could really use.

Lets get the obvious stuff out of the way;
1. Give us the feature you teased where you could freely move around items in your backpack.
2. Let us stack items into a backpack that is full, but contains the same kind of item (For Ex, you cant stack coins into a full backpack EVEN THOUGH there's a coin stack already present inside of it)
3. Let us auto-sort a backpack through button or automatically by; Rarity (Asc/Desc.), Stack Size (Asc/Desc), Alphabetical Order (Asc/Desc) etc

Now the stuff I thought of that would make backpack management
1. Whitelist/Blacklist. When enabling a bag to auto-contain items, there should be a Whitelist or Blacklist so you can choose what items OR rarities should/shouldn't go in
2. Let Challenge/Discord badges be put into a badge pouch. I know they can contain items, but so can FRG Steamgroup and Donator badges and they can be put into pouch too.
3. Give us more options for UI themes. It's been years and there's like 7 different UI themes that you can choose from.

waste of dev time tbh, just click a bit more, it's not gonna kill you

(07-09-2019, 10:01 PM)Vhoxel Wrote:  waste of dev time tbh, just click a bit more, it's not gonna kill you

It's just supposed to be Quality of Life, I wouldnt be stomping around crying if it never gets in, but I really want Backpacks to be less annoying.

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