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Remove Despair from Rats in Grims

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE REMOVE THE DESPAIR FROM RATS IN GRIMS. replace it with any DoT that doesn't RAPE the eyes of whoever gets hit with it.

i will start this thread with an anecdote. around a little less than a year ago, I scratched my retina because I'm a dumbass and leave my contacts in for way longer than they're supposed to be in my eyes. In that time, I had to turn my monitor brightness to 5/100, gamma way down, and close all my windows and blinds. couldn't look at any form of bright light without immense pain in my eye. I did bloodwynd a couple times, and any time he did his Green spell attack, i'd have to avert my eyes, or else I'd feel like I was getting stabbed in the eye with an axe.

I would literally rather have to do all that again than continue to deal with the rats despair procs in grims. whereas bloodwynd only does the spell at most once per minute, and isn't guaranteed to use it at all during a fight, whereas rats are at least 50% of the mobs that spawn in Grims, and are GUARANTEED to proc it on hitting you. Oftentimes, you can't dodge their attacks while walking through them or while defending a pillar. There's no counterplay beyond just walking really far from the pillar, meaning you'll lose if you don't stand by the pillar and get constantly eye-raped by the proc. the proc also makes it super hard to see the other mobs approaching, and despair stacks, meaning that you'll get hit by enemies you can barely see and it'll proc despair on you AGAIN, just prolonging the cycle. It's an obnoxious change to make the rats more "dangerous" that doesn't really do that so much as make them fucking obnoxious.

Please replace it with bleed, or something. it works in IoD, it should work here just as well.

Yeah... I forgot how horrible of an effect despair was 'til my ankles got bit.

- That Thrakos Noob

just dont get hit by the rats

yeah honestly, I did grims for the first time in years and while it was annoying, it actually added some challenge. I didn't see a real problem with it.

Rats need to proc confusion, and reverse your controls.

As a colorblind person, most overlay vision procs make me defenseless. Despair in its own is aids and I basically have to stop playing when I'm hit. It just is not friendly to people with eye problems and is very unfun to play when inevitably hit by it.

Rats now make you bounce instead

lets add this


Yeah I suffer from a rare medical condition called "Enraged Eye" which makes my eye hurt and it hurts a lot when anklebiters fuck my ankles up.

(07-09-2019, 12:41 AM)Terran Wrote:  yeah honestly, I did grims for the first time in years and while it was annoying, it actually added some challenge. I didn't see a real problem with it.

I really don't think the screen effect adds much of a "challenge" it's just annoying. I'm fine with rats having a DoT effect but despair is honestly cancer. (replace it with bleed or something.)

As the person who suggested this, the idea had a few reasons behind it

Rats as enemies aren't threatening at all.
They do 10 damage per attack and have absolutely nothing for HP. They are definition of a trash mob that you kill endlessly without much care.
Before the collision update rats were actually quite dangerous, being notorious for getting people stuck, specifically on melee pillars allowing them to quickly stack up and take quite a lot of your health, causing many wipes.
Now that the mobs don't have collision on them, getting stuck doesn't happen anymore and you are able to walk through them freely without much care.
The "fear" people had of approaching rats is absolutely gone. (In this case the change seems to be doing wonders, given the feedback)
The pillar changes which allow shooting for each one pillar makes rats even more of a joke because now a majority of the time they won't even get close to the pillar like they previously.

For an event that's arguably second in loot(#1 being IoD) it doesn't pose even a fraction of the challenge. Grims outside of the somewhat clunky fourth pillar is an absolute cakewalk.
Comparing the mobs, IoD spiders are much more dangerous, they come from many different directions attacking with AOE melee which bleeds and ranged balls that slow and poison you.
Rats in comparison still do one attack dealing 10 damage, 5 with melee and the other 5 with despair(which can be lowered in damage/duration with the new resistance crystal).
Grims mobs attack you from four lanes, 2 of which get 90% of the traffic. You are absolutely able to kill mobs before they get anywhere near you, especially with Grims allowing up to 12 people now.

Personally I see getting despaired as some sort of punishment for allowing such a weak monster to get near you, it's similar to the prayer draining bats (tz-kih) from fight caves in runescape but a lot less subtle.

Hopefully Grims continues to see some more updates, the update to allow much more people is great. I'm happy about the pillar except for maybe the difficulty spiking massively on the fourth pillar, I'd much prefer it stay more consistent even if the other ones were upped a bit.
I would definitely welcome more changes to mobs, I wouldn't mind if mobs did much more damage than they do now for example. 10 and 15 are honestly too weak.
I wouldn't mind seeing despair swapped out for contagion that hurts the entire team and applies debuffs to your stats in some ways. I'd also love if the deathclaws applied agony/damnation to you

Seems to me that a lot more people are open to the idea of it being more harder than annoying, given some of the responses. I don't mind either way, I'd just like if the loot was proportional to the effort.

A good change to address the sudden spike in difficulty on pillar 4 would be rather than both spawn rates and health getting increased, their health being the same as other waves and only having spawn rate somewhat upped, but also limiting you to your secondary. I'd say this keeps it in line with 2nd and 3rd pillar.

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