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Oracle Shield in Grims

I think having the Oracle Shield in Grims as it is in TTT a fucking terrible idea, however, if we rework it I think it could have a decent niche
First thing we have to do is remove Player Damage. Proccing Cancer on your teammates is well... pretty cancerous.
Second, make the Shield reflect enemy projectiles (Sword Beam, Railgun Fist, etc) but allow Player Projectiles to pass through (Not just bullets, Lasers too)
Third, make Radiation do more base damage to enemies (Maybe 4 per tick per proc or something)

After that, it would be a decent tool to block a few enemy attacks, but a pretty pog tool for Extra DOT against large groups of enemies if you kite them right.

Welcome to shark tank,

I'm out. This idea isn't gonna work with me.

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