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Elnaith (sp?) can light people on fire pre-round

It seems to be a 100% chance to burn you, which isn't a huge problem but it actually damages you during the pre round and can presumably kill you. Phoenix also blocks vision and is generally irritating, so it seems like a dumb bug it can do this. Doesn't help that if someone who has it doesn't like you, they can spray you with it every pre-round and you can do nothing about it. Please fix. Thanks.

imagine being upset about something that hasn't happened yet.
especially when practically everything but ammo preround is not affected mid-round
also, dont play that "someone that doesnt like me" card. literally indiscrimate.
but im not arguing against "fixing" it

I'd only say restrict it to meet the meta with almost every other ability to function right during pre round.

Cause i mean some abilites/suffix/traits work some dont.
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