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New Gun Tier Idea: Stickshift

I was looking at a Phantasmal the other day and thought, "What other stuff can we stack?" Then I remembered that the Phantasmal Tier is high damage low firerate and stacks damage, so why not flip the two?
So here's my idea
Stickshift <Insert gun here> <Insert suffix here>
Rarity: Prim (Forgot to add this the first time)
Accuracy: -15% to +5%
Stability: -20% to +10%
Clip: 0 to 5
Damage: +12% to 16%
Firerate: +24% to 28%
Reload Speed: +20% (Always)
Mobility: 0% to 10%
Trait (Always Drops with Gun) "Upon a rightful kill, boosts Clip size by (1-5), Firerate by (5-7.5%), and Reload Speed by (5-10%) for (10-15) seconds. Stacks up to 4 times."

Up to 4 times just so the Clip doesnt surpass 50 and the firerate doesnt surpass 60. The reason I include Clip and Reload Speed is so the gun doesn't just completely deplete of ammo on accident in your first few shots. Please reply with suggestions on what to change, I really want this to be a thing so making it more balanced is a must.
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+1 seems like a good idea, im gonna assume that this is going to be a primordial, should probably add a rarity
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