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edit1o rdm and leave

Steam Name of Offending Player(s):edit1o

Steam ID of Offending Player(s):STEAM_0:1:83627147

Map the event happened on:not sure what its called, but i remember what it looks like

Date of event:2019/06/02

What Happened?:me and debaser were healing off of a health station the edit had placed, he said move, i kept healing, he quan deaged us both (he was detective we were both inno) then when i reported him it was mapvote and then he didnt show up on next map

Witnesses:debaser, i think kawaii daddy niles

chainy, chany, cheeny, cheesey, cheese, chebby, cheddy, kenny, chad, jeremy bentknee, bently, chendy bedendy, cheny deddy
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he's just reporting him because edits brown!!!

I responded to both reports and Debaser forgave it
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forum report wasnt very necessary, debaser did forgive on his report so i just added a slay to him for the other report.

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