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Age: 17

Steam Name(Current): govector

Time played on servers?(!time username to check): 51 hours

Where did you hear about this server?: Found it scrolling one day, and was very interested because of the amount of content

Have you ever been banned and why?: Changing name during round by accident (1min)

Why do you want to join?: I want to join because it would be great to become more involved with the server as I have had a lot of fun with the server in general so far

Referred by: -

Additional Details:

+1, decent human, never seen him do anything wrong
chainy, chany, cheeny, cheesey, cheese, chebby, cheddy, kenny, chad, jeremy bentknee, bently, chendy bedendy, cheny deddy

+1 Never seen him doing anything bad and hes pretty fun to play with

yeah he's a fair and cool guy +1

+1 no problemos

+1 never had a problem with him and is not an ass (which is another +1 on my book rn)

+1, seems like a good guy, doesn't cause issue from what i can tell. don't see a reason not to have him be mem.

+1 He's cool and I see him a lot on TTT

Seems to have a good attitude on the server and I haven't seen him rdm. +1

+1, every time I've seen him online he's been respectful, never seen him get into trouble/cause any trouble at all. Would be a great addition to our little but growing community!

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