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Ad Revenue

Honk Hill would like to welcome you to his new business


Waluigi wants love, and he has the money for space on billboards. It's a match made in heaven.


Open/download it from a new tab, it shouldn't be as small as when I previewed it

Hello, are you tired of getting your picture rights taken away by Unpoke? Are you tired of not being able to do what you do because of Unpoke? Then call us at 1-(822) 686-7653 (1-8ba-nun-poke) and we will make sure your rights are heard and get what you need!

Business ads for the map:

Azzie: 50 cent (I’m gonna turn it into a some sort of gambling business. Don’t know how)
Kcat: honk (...)
Beebee: Beebee Corp.
Parade(and me): P90 Inc.
Nytemart: Nytemart Porn Imperium
Terran: Professional Furry Hunter
Edit: Edit’s Lounge
Vhoxel: Vhoxel Motel Inc. (https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/470739787288936449/579450563377364994/Screenshot_20190518-113408__01.jpg)
Eclipse: https://gyazo.com/fed0bb98905092249a6651a144d043ab
Black Knight: Honk Hills House of Pro Pain (idk what to say anymore.)
Soulshardcore: Waluigi Date
Tatical(Waiting on him)

I won't be taking ads anymore, since we reached the limit. I’ll be using a random name picker to choose who will be added onto a big billboard in the map. (Not gonna be in the skybox, it will be on one of the sides.)
Edit: Eclipse won, I swear its not rigged.
So his ad will be on the billboard. (Everyone else’s ad will still be added, somewhere on the map. But not on the billboard)

sorry for taking so long, i was busy with irl stuff https://gyazo.com/8fca1f92b7b0766779affd2096ee059e

So here is all the ad photos I have right now, if I am missing one of your ads, let me know.
(currently asking nyte and soul to send me theirs but bigger dimensions. And I am working on Kcat's ad, and azzie's ad.)
Edit: Forgot to add eclipse's ad in there.

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