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Random Suggestion/QoL List

  • I would love to see being able to buy another bank page with rubies. This could be charged pretty highly and would start with like the lowest amount of bank slots possible, maybe half that, and require Rune of Bankings to fill up all the way.
  • I would like to see a purchasable row in your inventory that is dedicated to just crates. It would hold infinite amount of one of each crate type (maybe even limit to just coinshop crate?), and I feel like that could also be purchasable through rubies. Could also have a slot for mats in future updates.
  • VIP upgrades should definitely make Gift Package loot a little better. Just extra crates or a higher chance at better things would be neat.
  • Speaking of VIP upgrades, I'd like to see it give a higher chance to drop loot orbs in TTT. Self explanatory, gives awards while rewarding better gameplay.
  • Name tags on guns. I'd like to moderate these, fairly loosely (meaning rules would only restrict insults to other players & aggressive racism).
  • Boss round tokens. Honestly if someone wants to pay money for a single consumable boss round, more power to them. This would include Hunter rounds.
  • Particle effects for guns, made into something you can attach to guns of your choice. Why the hell not, it's cosmetic, it's something I'd pay money for on certain guns that I really enjoy.

  • More power to infected players in infection rounds. I know humans "hardly ever win," but there's nothing less fun than being an infected player and repeatedly dying to a group of innos that are barraged up in a one-way room. Honestly I wouldn't personally care at all if this entire minigame was removed.
  • Holiday themed rounds should still absolutely be able to drop minigame uniques. There's no reason all these bouncy tokens should automatically be turned into egg rounds and not give a chance to drop bouncy.
  • Would like to see Spider Queen made maybe a little smaller and have a completely reworked ult. Ult makes spiderlings temporarily invincible? Also make eating bodies reward more health. Boss as of right now is M1 and M2 spam 'til you die.
  • Dragon rounds are classic, still fine, just would like to see the healer notification be elsewhere where it's more noticeable as others have suggested.
  • Buff hunter round loot. (hunter gets really really shit-tier loot if they win?)
  • There shouldn't be any minigames where you get nothing at all as long as you participate.

Current Extincts/Zodiacs:
  • Aquarius buffed to be more speed (15-25%?), should also counter ALL DoTs instead of just phoenix. I wonder if its possible to give more water distortion when trying to see the player inside?
  • Gemini changes. Y'allredy know.
  • eCCD snowman needs some actual utility to it. It's cute, but it's an excuse to RDM as of right now with no real use to it. Gun itself is good though, no buffs needed to that of course.
  • eRailgun pls. Some kind of radar added to its scope where you can soultrack anyone in it whenever you hit an ability button? Change the ability entirely to ricochet off walls? Turn it into a three-shot rifle? Anything plsplspls.
  • eTartarus, unpopular opinion, I still think the beam should be reversed to suck then explode.

  • Moderators should have the automated messages for someone joining with an alt.
  • All staff should have global minigames in their !minigames.
  • Administrators+ should have access to boss rounds in their !minigames.
  • I know there's something thought of/being worked on but at least admins+ should get access to banning in game through either the forums or discord.

Random Weapons/Item Changes:
  • I'd love to see several new support-type healing items comparative to Orb of Christmas.
  • I think Dark Matter's ability is too strong.
  • I'd love to see a Snowglobe rework, being it's the only misc in the Flashback Crate, which I would call a high-risk item.
  • TTT "ult" for Staff of Osiris.
  • I'd like to see Devour's % trait to work in events, as well as Abyss to be buffed, though admittedly I don't think I've ever seen it, just heard people describe it. I think Devour's 10hp on kill in events should be add 10hp on kill in TTT on all Opchungus' to make them have something in common, but with Devour it works in events as well instead.
  • Conq Judgement headshot should be improved, maybe make a "soul" ball fly out of the victim and lock on or add a "soul" to your gun which makes Ion do more dmg?
  • fix shotguns
  • Deimos' OBC proc should give a circle or something instead of instantly blasting people for 60dmg.
  • Esoteric to not lock up anymore after using ability.
  • Ender of Dreams to come with "slows on leg shot" by default.
  • I don't know if this is popular but I'd like the Scylla wave to not hurt the user, so you can use it for mobility (also wave sped up).
  • More common Rune of Beauty.
  • Give Sand Gauntlets some kinda new ability, maybe a sandstorm that effects users similar to blizzard OR add a new page to Asylum, somethin' to revive it.
  • I think the Whirlwind's shot effect of making that sucky-ball thing blocks the second shot, especially on headshots, making it a sniper that's unable to headshot. I think that should be fixed.
  • Venomous needs to do extra % dmg to spiders.
  • Ancient Crate suffix needs to be a little better, already heard people say it kinda sucks and isn't worth it, although I know there are some changes potentially maybe coming to it.
  • Buff Jolly Crystal a little more. I hate fighting the thing but it's so hard to get another crystal into the meta, especially since this one is a TTT specific meta. I think it should be on the better side.
  • Soulcatcher should be able to catch the same fish except with "soul" prefix or "ethereal" or whatever meme you want that sell for slightly higher. That's really it.
  • Technically not an item but Necromancer and Cleric could both use a little change. I think Cleric's "R" ability (currently gives you ammo) should be used to give mobility. Like just a flat mobility boost would be nice. For necromancer, there should be more options on how to use bodies. The addition of being able to eat bodies similar to manes but for a flat HP boost would be cool, as well as the ability to "loot" their body for ammo.

  • Needs to be more fishing uniques that transfer to actually helping in TTT. Some items like a literal "BUBBLE" shield, SWORDfish, stuff like that.
  • Rare treasure chest that opens like a challenge scroll crate kinda but with different shit?
  • Fishing quests for Forerunner Fragments?
  • Fishing zones. Similar to arenas except open, there should be several fishing zones that take you out on a little boat (aka teleport you into a spawn boat), and each zone has a different set of rarer fish. Maybe zones unlock with fishing level. Costs fishbucks to travel to?
  • Make docks more rewarding to buy. Do people get anything from it? I feel like there should be a default loot you get for buying dock whether you make it for crafting or not. Maybe the dock auto-has netting around it that collect a random amount of fish that you'll get? I'unno.
  • Speaking of, fish nets or crab cages should definitely be a thing. A way to automate fishing for a good amount of fishbucks, but at the loss of the chance to get guns/keys would be pretty pog, especially if zones cost money to get to.

That's all I got for now, other than useless stuff like "upgrade fragment shop!" cus I got no ideas on how to do that. Lemme know what you guys think.

- That Thrakos Noob

Definitely like the idea of bank tabs, places to store crates, tradeable/purchasable minigame tokens and the other stuff (like dragon round healers being informed more clearly which I already suggested ya thief), but yeah its all pretty solid. I don't know about some of them though because they don't affect me.

Was gonna make a thread but i think a post here is better. Lets add another Fishing NPC who gives out quests to fish up a certain fish that requires a certain weight of the fish to be able to turn in. This helps give lures more of an incentive to be used. good idea yas


I'm for having more bank space through rubies.

space for crates is ultimately wasteful, seeing as it's not that bad to just open them in lobby.

VIP would be neat if it upgraded gift packages. I don't care about

Beebee was going to post about naming guns, don't know when he is going to though. Pretty detailed as well.

Yes and no for boss tokens. Lots of people already don't like to have any interruptions for TTT, so as long as there is a longer cooldown for these. Also, turn minigame tokens into normal please.

Personally don't care about gun cosmetics. If anything, should be added to scroll loot instead to go along with rune of beauty.


All of these suggestions are kind of dumb. Infection doesn't need to be changed. Humans rarely use teamwork and ends pretty fast. There should be a !boss command to show what buttons do like this. I'm also pretty sure that you basically have a chance of getting something no matter what on most minigames - except dragon.


Maybe let it so you have an easier time aiming for poison balls and string pull.


Aquarius is fine, We already know Gemini is getting buffed eventually. CCD does have a use that no one actually uses - The ability to help OTHER people shoot the traitor. You're basically a meat shield that takes some shots to help others. Shame that icing is the same button as transform which is basically why I die a lot using it. Railgun is...okay...? I think that it's in a good place if the map allows for it, but no one actually uses it for that so everyone thinks it's bad. Wouldn't mind soul tracking I guess... and I don't care much about tart. Pretty much use it for the gun, don't rely on ability.


As we discussed on discord, many of these have already either been suggested lots, or have been confirmed. Would like to see the suggested ones have some form of existence later. Even with Kraken buff, it seems really neglected and lyrus is starting to follow as well.
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ALOT of stuff to take in on this but i agree with almost all of it.
The things i cant give input in because ive not seen/used it myself are the things i cant agree with.
But 90% of this yeah are good ideas.

Cosmetics from Rubies like Name tags i feel would be easy to moderate. Just have an approval system or blacklist word system on it.
Gun particles id enjoy as well. Some smaller cosmetic stuff wouldnt be bad to pay for. gives more for the rubie to spend on.

Minigames are hit n miss, Either random or everyone gits yelled at for spawning one. But they happen, and yes Minigame uniques should be a thing. Look how many minigame spawners there are on market. Hell maybe one day throw a server on minigame madness and make it do just minigames at random, spawners can be used to influence the game type.

Erailgun with radar/heartbeat sensor yes +1
Blackhole etart? hell yes. +1
the rest is newfangled to me, so no input.

That entire staff section. +1 Yes to that indeed sir.

More support / healer stuff yes please. When your fighting bosses and only like 2 people have an orb of xmas. and there no longer giving the possible top dps to heal hurts man.
Rune of beauty more common +1 I legit didnt know this was a thing thats how rare they are.

Fishing uniques yes +1
Fishing quests for fore frags? Hell yes +1
Fishing spots? Neat thought.. unsure how thatd work. (inb4 everyones crowded the single spot)
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Hell no to nametags I pray to god we never get those on this server.

And I think infection rounds are fine, and the zombies are balanced fine. That's how the gamemode's supposed to be. Zombies throw themselves at the humans until the humans die. I see no reason to buff the zombies if, like you said, they win 95+% of the time. It reminds me of the infection gamemode from combat arms. Maybe change the loot though, not necessarily buff but throw something cool in there like a special tier for only infection rounds. Unless there already is. I don't know.

As for holiday themed minigames, I honestly just want them gone after the holiday is over.

I agree with all the fishing stuff though.

I have to agree with the nametags thing, I just don't think FRG needs that.

(05-17-2019, 01:31 AM)Terran Wrote:  I have to agree with the nametags thing, I just don't think FRG needs that.

10/10, espcially to fisher stuff
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id prefer if eater minigame tokens were used that you could choose normal or holiday version of the minigame.
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