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Rampaging Tier

Name: Rampaging
Weapon Type: Automatic weapons, No rifles or shotguns, Full auto only
Rarity: Primordial
Damage: -10% to -5%
Firerate: +15% to +20%
Accuracy: -10% to +5%
Stability: -5% to -15%
Clip: +1 to +3
Reload Speed: -25%
Deploy Speed: +25%
Rampage trait: Upon rightful kill, increases damage dealt by 3%, max stack of +15% damage ontop of base, effect and spree ends after 10 seconds and resets.
Lore text: "They drew first blood, not me." (Rambo quote)
Vanished from life

Seems cool but I'd actually give it a time period over 10 seconds.

Going more than 10 seconds might be a little OP. id say no more than 20 seconds. Its mainly to help someone grab it and start unloading in a "Rampage"
Vanished from life

For the extremely minor damage increase you're suggesting 10 seconds is a miniscule time window. For reference, my lightweight tec-9 has +2% damage from stats and that lands it on 11.22 damage / shot. If you had the weak trait you're suggesting you'd increas the damage / shot to 11,55 which is a miniscule change considering you'd have to kill someone to even get the trait to proc AND it only lasts for 10 fucking seconds. Add that on top of the pathetic statline your suggesting that wants to give the gun -damage and -reload speed to boot and you have a recipe for a gun tier so garbage that it makes my meatballer look like a godlike. Not to mention that the negative reload speed directly counters the theme of going on a rampage by having you sit through a massive reload animation.
There just doesn't seem to be much thought put into this. -1

this is literally the phantasmal tier but worse

That shows how often you see one then lol. I didnt know that was a tier until Dylan posted one in trade chat.
Vanished from life

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