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Xiiter - Membership Application

I have seen him on several times, and have not seen him cause any issues during those times. He seems like he would be an okay member, assuming he takes into consideration everything people have pointed out on here and work on any issues addressed. +1
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I've personally seen him item farming in the mornings and I've heard he rdmd a lot so -1 from me.
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I personally haven't add any ttt problems with him but he is very pushy when it comes to trying to make people 5050 him. Other than that, he seems fine.

I'm not sure about what everyone else is saying but for me, I'll give a +1 for now
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iirc, he was a bit rdm happy when he first join, but that is toned down.
Who isn't like that when they first join. Not everybody is going to know the rules instantly the moment they join the server.
Beyond that, I don't have any issues with him besides him trying to constantly get people to take his 50/50 so he can go to sleep (like go to sleep. It's not going to disappear).
+1 for now. Maybe subjected to change in the future.
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+1 Good dealer man
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I'll give you a shot, but please take the feedback here constructively.


- That Thrakos Noob
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