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Map Complaint

This map called ttt_Thething_Idk the rest should be removed because all it does it T pose and ladders are broken.....

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Actually the ladders have to be placed for them to work. There are several across the map and you magneto them onto the shadow ladders.
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aside from the t pose, there are 2 objectives that end the round instantly so thats a whole other problem right there

+1 for remove
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You're forgetting the best part of the map, the "traitor" objective. Innocents can and will put bombs on the silhouettes because there's not much to do on their inno rounds. I personally think that's super fun and plenty of time to realize that someones doing it. I'm surprised that no one was banned for doing the castle_night thing, but people took this one more serious than that one.

It is a shame that people T pose if they don't have a model, but as beebee said, ladders will work. Don't know why the map maker decided that you have to put ladders in weird places, but whatever.

Only other thing you forgot to mention is that if two people go into the T tester at the same time, they'll both die.
Godlikes: 54/67+(5+ Unknown)
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Actual good map though, I'd rather keep

Added it to the map votes.
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