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Patchnotes 04/17/2019

  • Added Easter Egg IV. This contains a variety of new items to collect, as well as some new suffixes/traits. It also brings back the Egg-Tp trait. These are available for rubies for the time being, and will be available for coins in ~1 week. But worry not, there's still a ton of other ways to obtain eggs.
  • Added a brand new TTT PvE event. This event has a chance to show up on the map vote, and if voted for, the server will change to the event map and regular TTT will halt until the event is completed, or failed.
    There's an 8 minute buffer for players to connect and join TTT during this event, and still spawn in. If you join after that duration, you will be stuck in spectator mode.

    Keep in mind, this event is still in the balancing phase so things are subject to change, such as health pools, loot amounts, etc.
    Huge shout out again to Parade for his help on the event map!
  • Gregg is now on the lobby, and you can get the Easter Quest from him.
  • You can purchase an "Eggdar" in the coinshop for 2.5k coins. This will show you the exact location of your egg on the map, but it lasts for 12 eggs total before you'd have to buy another one.
  • Eggital rounds, and Egging Mayhem rounds have made a return.
  • Brought back Bunny rounds from Tobias.
  • Added Vorpal to Rusty Keys.

  • Santa has been removed from the lobby.
  • Staff of Osiris does 34 damage instead of 30.
  • Staff of Osiris' right click radius has been increased.
  • Extinct Thrakos' trait has been reworked.
  • Inventory Overflow max slot size has been changed to 10, instead of 5.

Bouncy Rounds
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bye santa
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So what about cookies people have?
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Gaydar into Eggdar?

Can't wait to starting playing!
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Santa and Kuro gone? Sad
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Hope you all enjoy the map! If you find any bugs in the map, please report it to me or Brass, that would be greatly appreciated.

excuse me, when did I miss that new backpack giveaway thing
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Reeeeeee my routers ethernet broke as update was launched.
"Closest thing I have had to alcohol is chocolate milk... Don't quote me on that!"
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