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Birb's membership

Age: 14

Steam Name(Current): Birb

Time played on servers?(!time username to check): 325 ttt

Where did you hear about this server?: found it myself

Have you ever been banned and why?: yes first time i was sleep deprived and made an accidental discombob on ttt_bedroom and the other unpoke and i had a misshearing at night with voicechat on my part and i got banned for a little bit.

Why do you want to join?: i've wanted to since ive joined

Referred (to member post) by: Terran

Additional Details: if this post goes really bad then i will just take it down,

cmon man where's the effort?
Well whatever you aren't that problematic, I see no point in gatekeeping you out of member +1

Dude I have no problem with you and I'd +1 you but this really does show Z E R O effort and idk imo it looks bad.

+0 I’ve only seen you online a couple times in the past few weeks, you also didn’t put any effort into this. I don’t really have any reason to -1 you so I’ll keep it at this.
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Yeah nothing was put into this, and dont make -1/+1 polls.
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this dude autoclick kappa

effort of me
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I think you've been on like four or five times this month. Maybe when you're fully back apply again. +0 for now.
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I mean, I don't think effort matters on an application. Hell, people can type whatever garblygook they want, what matters is how they're presented on the servers. I've supported Woomy's apps in the past and that won't change, I see literally no negatvies to making someone a member. Its not some sort of 2epicsecretcult. If you have reason to say no, that's perfectly fine, but people don't need to be hyper-active or constantly engaged on the forums. The dude has like, 300 hours. That's a shitload of time. +1

There are some who hold member in high regard, and for that reason I feel like i should +0. But ill +1 since he is well known in community and I havent seen nor heard of any problems with him and I believe someone who is a well regarded part of community should be member.
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- That Thrakos Noob
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