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Faulty admin powers

Mousey, had auto slayed me for a reason of "had not killed anyone". For one that is not a good reason to auto slay someone, two that excuse is faulty.

Do you have any other context?
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It's a little hard to understand what happened without anything to go off of other than a slay reason of "had not killed anyone". Why did you shoot the person in the first place?

There a quite a few scenarios that would make sense for that to be the reason. Like you being reported for shooting someone with your response being "I saw him kill X", when in fact he hadn't killed anyone in the first place. But without a single bit of context there really isn't anything we can do.

Next time someone does something you consider complaint worthy, make sure you can back up the complaint with evidence.

I probably should have elaborated more before I got off but I was running late for work, and the map was about to change so I had to add the slay fast.
Basically what happened was a couple round before, you called out Bomer for no reason and got him killed. He reported you and you claimed he killed two inno but the logs showed that he hadn't killed anyone.
I assumed you must have called him out on accident or whatever so I gave you a slay for it and got off.
The confusion might be coming from the fact that I gave you the slay a couple round later because I had not seen the report come though and Bomer asked me if I had handled yet.

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