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Fuzzy's Community Eval

Current In-game name: Fuzzy 'Mc-Cones' McNomNoms

Current Status(Away/active): Active

Do you feel you have done a good job(explain):

Aside from the times where I basically go M.I.A for weeks at a time (which I hope is in the past), I believe that I've fulfilled my duties about as well as you could reasonably expect me to do. Although I think that I need to work on mediating, since I'm not very good at being firm or defusing situations. But for the most part I think that since most of the people on FRG are pretty laid back it makes my job much easier to do well. Many of the problems that occur on this server can be solved relatively painlessly and the bigger ones are few and far between, so my shortcomings are pretty easy to circumvent. In the future I hope to continue to iron out the little problems I have here and there, but other than that I'm basically just the best staff member on this server (except for when I'm not which is always).

This Evaluation has completed.

- That Thrakos Noob

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