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Patchnotes 02/14/2019

  • Re-structured some of the !settings window. All of the categories are minimized by default now, to make browsing to a section much easier, and I reskinned the UI for it.
  • Added new setting to disable Italic fonts in stat displays.
  • Added new setting to disable Player Statistics in the Inventory, which moves the player model/loadout display over to the left, and stretches out the Inventory slots panel, which allows you to see more Inventory slots at once. (This is FPS intensive, as rendering ~100 inventory slots(if you have that many slots) all at once is quite a large workload, I advise enabling low quality inventory icons in settings if you use this setting, for the most FPS possible(you can find this setting in the Performance Settings section).)
  • Added a Check box in the Playermodel Inventory display to "Hide" or "Show" your playermodel.

I've been posting all of my small changes in the #changelogs section on discord
, so I advise you guys keep an eye on that to keep up to date with all of the current adjustments, fixes, and other changes. I will mostly be using that for my minor changes/adjustments/fixes, because its much easier to post there as soon as I do it (1 change at a time), rather than wait and compile a big list of changes for patchnotes here, in which I often forget some of my changes before posting


Bouncy Rounds

(02-14-2019, 06:21 PM)Hala Wrote:  POG FR

I worry about you and your mental health.

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