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Tango's Closed Beta Application

Non-disclosure agreement
Do you agree to not leak ANYTHING you see on this server?
That means, no discussing it in discord, or anywhere outside of that specific server, to anyone not involved. Failure to abide by this is a betrayal of our trust, and will have SEVERE consequences.


Why should we trust you not to leak any of the stuff you see?

I have no reason to, If I get to enjoy and help improve whats being made then I have no reason to spoil the future fun for others who plan to eventually play it on release, also, even if I did, then I would be looked
poorly upon and probably blocked from experiencing future beta tests which is a risk I don't need to take.

Do you agree to not use anything you see for your own personal gain?
This includes, but is not limited to: trying to manipulate the market by using information you have learned via this beta, or using any knowledge gained here for any kind of gain, for you, or others.

Im a weeb since I play Osu! aparrently, Enchantable's fault


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