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TJ1524's Beta Application

Do you agree to not leak ANYTHING you see on this server?
That means, no discussing it in discord, or anywhere outside of that specific server, to anyone not involved. Failure to abide by this is a betrayal of our trust, and will have SEVERE consequences.

I agree that I will not leak or talk about anything involving the beta to anyone outside of the people selected for this, unless that isn't allowed either?

Why should we trust you not to leak any of the stuff you see?

I was part of the group who solved the latest ARG and we made people wait a day to get the end result. I can't say I haven't done anything wrong in the past (Spin2Win with a group), but I haven't done anything as bad as that since. I have too much at stake with a decked out inventory, plenty of time spent on the server, and have been active for such a long time.

Also, Black Parade knows that I report bugs/unintentional things.

Do you agree to not use anything you see for your own personal gain?
This includes, but is not limited to: trying to manipulate the market by using information you have learned via this beta, or using any knowledge gained here for any kind of gain, for you, or others.

I agree to not benefit from this other than to enjoy the beta and give my impressions on how it might affect the community. I don't have much to gain by selling this information.
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