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Patchnotes 01/21/2019

The FRG Lobby is now currently open for all! With it comes a few guidelines to help any newbies that may join.
  • Be respectful to everyone, including new players. Consider taking them to try events. Those who do this may get a shiny new badge to show off (that has storage built in to it!).
  • Staff should follow our general guidelines in the rules section, but be a little less strict on the Lobby. The lobby should be a place to chill and hang out. Powers should be used last, communication should be the go to before any kicks or bans.

In other news:
  • Switched all servers to the new download system. Most of our content is now on the workshop, and the rest is downloaded via fastDL. This should help resolve any of the shitty mounting issues that happened from the in-game DL system (which is now removed).
  • Added a discord icon to the chatbox that links to our discord.
  • Fixed a few bugs involving the Inventory UI.
  • Adjusted some server settings to improve networking.

Bouncy Rounds

(01-21-2019, 08:55 PM)Brassx Wrote:  The FRG Lobby is now currently open for all!


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