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Wizurdous member app


Steam Name(Current):Wizurdous

Time played on servers?(!time username to check): 185hrs

Where did you hear about this server?: Jake1o dm'd me about the server after NTG died

Have you ever been banned and why?: Not that I remember, though it has been a long time.

Why do you want to join?: This is the only good gmod community I've ever seen, why wouldn't I want to join?

Referred by: Jake1o

u spelt member wrong -1

i lied, ok guy +1

Nice guy, I would have a casual conversation with him about the weather on a trolley.


+1 Old friend from way back on NTG. Follows the rules and is a kind fellow. +1

Pretty good guy not a bad addition to the roster +1

This is what I've seen.

Rdm: When he came back he did a lot of Rdm. Could have improved within the two weeks, for his member app. But still note worthy.
Edit: On a report Wizard made against Razz. He called me out for not slaying Razz, when Razz (Basically did) 1 damage crossfire. This is my bad, I didn't have the full story, I had folks waiting for me, and there was another member+ to do the report.
Toxicity about reports: Would get mad when reports were kept (While he was rdming a lot) and would be upset/insult me when slaying him.
Harassment: Wizard and his friends were just taking jabs over an hour on one person (Mainly saying they're retarded/handicapped), it got to the point where Black Parade had to intervene.

Again, what I've seen so far.

Outside of that, I'm indifferent to him getting member. I would give him a 0, however the harassment was 100% uncalled for. -1

Edit: He did reach out to me to resolve some things, I do respect he kept off forums (As in, not responding to his own thread). But this doesn't change my vote. I heard from a friend that harassment was a reason they stopped playing FRG. Harassment is just something that I can't look past.

In my opinion, while I do agree that he VERY often RDM's and sometimes has slight toxic tendencies, I also think that he can be a pretty cool dude. I say +1. But be wary when fucking up ppl's T-rounds.

not much work in his application.

(i know this is only member but at least a bit of work and effort should be put in it)

What Sole said he rdms just for the hell of it and he rdmed me when I was a T and he did it because he had a challenge scroll. He had no right to kill me and just did it to fuck with me. -1
Bouncy Rounds

i like wizurdous. i dont see him RDM too often, nor do i see him being toxic. i dont know what these people are talking about.


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