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Remove new challenge scroll change

alright so basically tobias added a thing to challenge scrolls making it where you can't gain scroll progress if your karma is below 1000.


I messaged him about it because I obviously thought it was a terrible idea and his response was for me make a thread on the forums about it so here I am.

There's absolutely no reason for this to be added at all. Challenge scrolls are already try hard enough and adding this is just going to make it even more try hard. You'll constantly be worrying about not shooting any innocents or doing anything during the scroll. So say goodbye to joking around with your friends/anyone on the server. Even going past "purposeful rdm", you can easily get below 1000 karma by cross firing people or misjudging a situation and killing the wrong person/people.

We already have the good samaritan challenge theres no need to add this and have people sweating even more over challenge scrolls.

goodbye fun

I just made a post a second ago but I forgot to check if karma already goes past 1000, which it does, but this is still kind of an obnoxious change that should be at a lower value in my opinion. Something like 850-900 if we're being honest. No reason to make a challenge scroll that much more annoying to do just because of unfortunate accidents/mistakes.
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I just want to RDM Unpoke a couple of times, Unpoke shouldn't have an effect on my challenge scroll so I'm in agreence with Alex

Karma should have no decider on challenge scroll progression

this is kinda goofy. i thought his message was a joke, honestly.

(01-12-2019, 06:04 AM)DONGERWEED29266602592O38523097 Wrote:  this is kinda goofy. i thought his message was a joke, honestly.

i thought it was too thats why i messaged him but it wasnt :/

i dont really see the point of doing that
i feel like all this is gonna do is make people even saltier in reports

- That Thrakos Noob

No point, chal scrolls are hard and putting a karma cap on it is pretty dumb imo, ruins chal scrolls in general tbh
Im a weeb since I play Osu! aparrently, Enchantable's fault


I totally support it! Stop the RDM! Reeee!

Challenge scrolls are already annoying/hard enough adding this doesn't help that situation.

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