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Patchnotes 11/03/2018

Changes/Fixes to IoD
  • Reviving now uses HULL traces, making it not require 'pixel perfect' precision when aiming at a downed teammate to revive them.
  • Fixed a certain chest giving broken loot.
  • Hopefully fixed some instances of a certain enemy phasing through the world.
  • Save states now save 'secret' item locations.
  • Reduced amount of other-world Sentinels patrolling around the map.
  • Hopefully fixed some cooldown bugs.
  • Fixed various other bugs.

Other notes
  • Professionals now always drop one global item with a unique suffix(sorry to anyone that recently did one)
The IoD servers are back online, be sure to keep reporting any bugs you may find, or feel free let me know what you think of the event.
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To addon to this: All scrolls have been bumped down by 1 rarity to better reflect the loot you will receive


So, Vampira and stuff is going to be more common? Interesting.
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The scroll rarity change is gonna fuck me up so bad lmao

Love all you'r events brass. And this one is one the best and map is awesome too!!!!
(Thx parade for awesome maps)

FYI the scroll rarity is only visual, the chances to get them post round is still the same.

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