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There is currently a bug when aiming down the sights of the MR-CA1. The slower firerate caused by ads is currently not affected by the stats of the gun, even though the unscopped firerate is.
I recently tested A kaiju, max firerate vengeful, and moderate Mr-CA1 with -5% firerate.
They all have the exact same firerate when aiming down the sights.
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OH. Yeah, maybe I Should have read the first post.
I remember this being talked about ages ago.
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Yea kinda just makes the gun absolute unusable garbage unless your unlucky enough to have a dily or challenge scroll suggest you give it another go.

As for myself i've never really like the Mr-Ca1, slow and inaccurate fire while ADS sucks, but i feel that the firerate should stay universal while ADS (basically if it is a bug it should stay).
However, perhaps ADS should be flush with weapon stats such as a neg/pos firerate, although I feel that might get out of hand in some tiers.
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I think that it's a really unique thing about the gun and probably doesn't need to be changed.
It's cool because it makes guns with lower firerate better and guns with fast firerate worse only when scoping with it.

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