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Forerunner Package 2.0 giveaway!

(07-07-2018, 01:23 AM)Kuro Wrote:  If I win I'm making the Totally Terran Tier or "TTT" for short.

Every update the tier increases in power
Website Find

If I win, I'm naming a tier the Armstrong tier
Website Find

The winner has been selected! I was too lazy to make a cool animation for it but it works.

I know he posted an away/offline, so I asked him if he wants me to re-roll it. But fair is fair. He entered it and his number was picked!

View winner here: http://forerunnergaming.org/forums/giveaway.php

Congratulations Drkillroy! Hope you make a cool gun.
Godlikes: 44/58+(1+ Unknown)

Congrats man! Name your tier Doctorate! oh wait....

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