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Steam Name(Current): ZombieNinja975

Age: 19

Current Rank: Member

Have you ever been banned and why?: Nope

Why would you like to be promoted?: I've started to notice how often the hours I play there isn't staff on / they are busy with something else, so even though I cant always handle every report or situation that comes my way, (being a dad comes first,) I can still help out however and whenever I can.

Why do you think we should promote you?: I know the rules very well and do not hesitate to ask in any situation I dont know how to handle. I've been a longtime player who always has enjoyed helping out players learn the rules and give them a welcoming atmosphere, hoping they decide to stay and make this their favorite server.

Do you have any administrative experience?: Yes, just being staff on here, previously mod.

Additional Details: My son has begun to enjoy being on his own in his crib/bouncer and doesn't need to be held constantly anymore to be content, so I have more time to be able to play with full attention to everything going on, thus leading me to be able to be capible of handling reports again. He still gets priority though so when I'm AFK it's usually tending to him, and sometimes though this I could just sit in spectator and still handle reports.

EDIT- To anyone iiI removed, I had practically max friends on steam, and most I didnt talk to or really know, it was easier to delete them all then start building them again, so feel free to add me again if youd like


- That Thrakos Noob
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