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Got Lvl 100+godlike. might apply and try my luck.

Age: 19

Steam Name(Current): MicroBoss

Time played on servers?: 1,323 hours

Where did you hear about this server?: TTT list

Have you ever been banned and why?: yes so many time. Only from server for low karma. Also for being AFK, Also also for changing my name in-game from Micro Summers to MicroBoss.

Why do you want to join?: I love the community it may be abit toxic but what community isnt, i enjoy playing with a lot of people in here and i enjoy playing other games with them. (Events)

Referred by: i was blackmailed by Excel and threatened by Awesome. He said something like Apply or else. ( i'm scared)

Additional Details:I was mod on 2 servers one both died
Also my name is Egg Master


But seriously, +1 for member, he has been around for a long time, long enough to be a regular name on frg. Knows the rules good, even if he likes to get hit by my props.
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-1 only did 4k every cestl run

+1 tho cuz he good boi and but he need to work on his dps


Have had him blocked for a rather long time so perhaps his behavior has changed (I highly doubt it), but micro likes to insult and harass players quite often. He calls the community toxic when hes a large contributing factor to that title. Also bare minimal effort in the application which suggests he doesn't truly care about the results.

@micro - I've given you several chances at unblocking you and trying to have a civil relationship that isn't just pure flaming, but I hear all the time how much crap you talk to and about me even through me having you blocked. You acknowledge that FRG has been toxic as of late, but people with your behavior are truly the driving force behind it. It's garrys mod, lighten up and have some fun man. Just because you're not face to face with someone doesn't give you the right to tear them apart over the internet. Not everyone is out to piss you off.

+1 he's good at getting carried in castle and trying to steal clue scrolls excel is bidding on

He's also very active but only when he has a scroll to do

I don't consider him bad behavior wise and think he's fun to play/interact with

I don't usually do events with this whale but I assume he would get carried by me

nice man and good at rdming, and he thinks he can kill a whale hunter.

I've known Micro for nearly a year, July 7 will be one year on my friends list. Outside of our relationship/friendship being more-or-less a pissing contest, I get along with him quite well and even beyond FRG. He doesn't break the rules on FRG and I can't recall a time that he's been slayed.

He's a lamb, but he's also a good pal. +1

+1, but needs to learn english better eks dee.
Bouncy Rounds

+1 Micro's a fun to play with in both Gmod and R6S(even though I have to carry him in R6S) and he definitely needs member.

Every time I play an event with him he actually cant get above 5k dps with an azuredge. Must show some form of mental deformation past that of which is required to get member (and heck I got member how long ago? doesnt show much of a standard)

...buutttttt, I guessssss he'd do fine as member.
If I have to.

(y'all who -1'd then +1'd, -1 +1 = 0, fix yourselves)
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