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Nytemart Membership Application

Met him on one of his first days on here, he s a fun dude, and one lucky son of a bitch. He listens well, especially with learning events, and adheres to rules

+1 fo sho
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I played with him a couple of times, he's a nice guy and fun to play with.

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+1, Nyte has been amazing to play ttt with and do events with, also he has really good RNG and by posting a +1 i hope some comes to me.
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+1 good player
Also he sux so it is easy to kill him for clue scrolls
Also usa #1
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He tried to get Unpoke demoted.

anyone who tries to get unpoke demoted automatically gets a +1 in my book

(just kidding, hes cool kid who deserves member)
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- That Thrakos Noob

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