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2koreds - Membership Application

Age: 21

Steam Name(Current): 2koreds

Time played on servers?(!time username to check): 630 hours

Where did you hear about this server?: Randomly joined it about two years ago, left for a year as I quit gmod for a bit, then returned by finding it randomly again. Haven't left since.

Have you ever been banned and why?: Yes, 3 month ban for toxicity. Although I don't fully agree with the reasoning behind it I have come to terms with it, accepted the reasoning, and progressed past it.

Why do you want to join?: I have been a committed member, officially or not, to FRG for a LONG time now. I have 630 hours on the servers for pete's sake. I was previously banned for toxicity for three months and returned THE DAY I was unbanned. Hell, I'm pretty sure I even remember it was December 12th that I was unbanned - I was so excited to return. Regardless of this information, I truly think that FRG is a wonderful community overall and that with my efforts to create a reformed self since past transgressions I can personally commit to and sustain the FRG community image as it is.

Referred by:

Additional Details:

I will start this completely honest - I know there is a LARGE PORTION of FRG that dislikes me and instantly labels me "toxic". However, I strongly disagree with the label and have found that a certain few people use that phrase to describe me (toxic). As a result, I often find myself thinking that some people have the phrase "toxic" simply misunderstood or biased with something as simple as "I don't like you." I personally believe that I have worked incredibly long and hard to reform people's ideals of me when considering me as an FRG community member.

Again, with this information - if you are leaving a -1 on my application I implore you to leave an actual reasoning or example as to why you are doing so; One cannot improve without feedback. As I have stated, I strongly believe that I have bettered myself and do not consider my behavior or actions anywhere near the spectrum of the definition "toxic", so if I am at folly, then tell me how so I can improve. Thank you! Smile

You've gotten a lot better, man. Also, if anyone is going to -1 your app, it'll be the people who are reflecting on the past and bein dumbo. +1

Yas, I agree with Ckat. I enjoy playing with you. Not sure happened in the past and don't care. +1

2Koreds has atually gotten way better than in the past. He has gotten all the toxic people banned! +1
Bouncy Rounds

Drunk cuck that got scammed, +1. In all seriousness though, never had any problems playing with him.

2koreds really improved after his ban, toxic behavior is flat dead on the ground. +1

Very welcoming and made me want to stay on the server, cool guy +1

+1, 2koreds is cool, he does asylum with me
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-1 the labeling of toxic is correct he is very hostile to anyone who doesnt agree with him i have seen him use a few exploit spots on maps, acting nice when staff are around but then later when its a few people on and doing things he knows he shouldnt dont qualify as reformed to me

(04-27-2018, 08:55 PM)Kcat Wrote:  You've gotten a lot better, man. Also, if anyone is going to -1 your app, it'll be the people who are reflecting on the past and bein dumbo. +1

you cant really say that when you barely play and don't know what happens. joining for 20 mins and then leaving doesn't give you much information.
-1 still toxic when there are no member+ or higher online.

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