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Dropbox - https://www.dropbox.com/s/5lem3qxspilhez5/ttt_ntg_rooftops_remake.bsp.bz2?dl=0
Workshop (Old version, more pictures are in here, be in mind some might be outdated) - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=970231725

A year ago I recreated the map NTG Rooftops (BossLevel gave me permission to edit his map, which he's the original creator), I passed it over to Phunk and he said he will add the map in the map pool soon....that never happened, he said some big update was coming out soon for all maps, but it was never released (this was also the time where the server fell down a even steeper slope than before.

NTG Rooftops is now in FRG, I would like to again present the remake on this server. It's your opinion if you want this new version in.

I'll go into the changes of the map. this version is in the dropbox link, if you want to launch the map up for yourself (workshop is old version). I recently made "v3" mostly for optimization (14,000+ numportals, to 3700 numportals), and to decrease the file size (134mb, to 40mb).



Night Time + more lighting
Optimization, areaportals and func_detail brushes
HDR Lighting

New Building!
8 Total T traps (4 Lethal) (1 Non-Lethal) (1 Unlockable) (2 T Room Traps)
More props
Skybox Easter egg
Riot Shield Easter egg
Traitor Bossfight Easter egg
Jukeboxes! These Boxes are located around the map. Only 1 music box can be used at a time. you can only hear the music if you get close to the active Jukebox (!stopsound can still be used).

The Traitor room is now more useful, only the traitor can break the hole to get up, there is also a teleport to the Traitor room.
Some buildings and/or rooms were drastically changed
Changed textures of some buildings
The Traitor Tester can now be destroyed

Skybox doesn't bug out
Dragon cant get stuck inside the main building (this happened in NTG, I don't know if this can also happen on FRG)

Again it is completely up to you if you want this version added in...and Brass, he would add it in, I cant :P


Very nice, I really enjoyed this map back in NTG and I'd really like to play it again
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Someone should fund this guy.

Where ntg town
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(04-24-2018, 01:17 AM)Excel Wrote:  Where ntg town

That map needs to be built from scratch, I would love to do it sometime tho
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That looks pretty cool +1 pls add
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Please do add this.
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Remember to allow dragon Ball damage through walls

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