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Julian707 Unban request

Steam profile name:Julian707

During Incident: Julian707

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:63237998

Steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Julian707

Name of the staff of was banned by: Mini Cosmic

Length of ban: PermaBan

Would you like your ban shortened or repealed?: Repealed

Reason for ban: Mass RDM/ RDM

Did you commit the actions stated in the ban Reason: Yes

What really happend: One day i was playing one of the servers and Mass Rdmed.

I just want to say sorry for all the stuff i had said about staff mass rdming thats not even true, besides that i think i should be given a second chance or maybe my last chance, this server was one of my favorites and i have ruined that experience for myself, I would like to be let back into the community but if I dont i understand why, I had showed lots of dedication to this server and also had donated to the server and I wouldn't Mass Rdm again, it was mostly a one time thing, Im better understanding then i was back then and i think i deserve a chance to show you how i've grown from my ban and that includes not just rdming for fun or just trolling around, i want to show that im more serious now than i was in the past when i was banned. Its been a year or 2 and I know i've grown and can do better than mass rdm.

What would giving this guy a second chance hurt? +1 for unban

I mean, I don't know how "toxic" he was (people on his previous appeals have said he was) but based on what I've seen, he's only mass RDMed
If that's the case, then I think it'd be fine to unban him

I went through the previous ban appeals and I have to admit that while you make great ban appeals this one is pretty lackluster. You probably shouldn't start out this one as a direct response to the old ones if you wanted to get anywhere. It's also a very bad idea to give the entire community an ultimatum, between having you back or not. The answer will always be no.

The problem that many people seem to have is that they misunderstand and think we should want them back. You were rightfully permanently banned, we don't want you back.
You have to convince us that you're good enough now that we should want to give you a chance to come back and you're not convincing anyone.

I hope that if we can clear that misunderstanding with everyone ban appeals would be less toxic and less circle-jerky.

I don't remember ever having a problem with Julian until the point he got permanently banned. He seems like he might be a bit young based on the ban appeals but I think it's fine if he was given another chance.

I never played with this kid, but if he can owe up to his mistake (mass rdming), then I think he should be unbanned.

He is probably a nice kid, maybe You'll have some coffee together in your local cafe


Upon doing some more digging into his past unban requests, I could see why the others have been denied in the past and they all lead back to the mass rdm, but he fails to address the toxicity he also caused while on the server, once refering to making fun of someone's uncle who died in a war. I may not know you but personally if you get angry and mass rdm and say something like this to someone I don't believe you should have another chance, you were given a chance and you blew it. -1

I'm sorry about the guys uncle i may have said that the present day when i was rdming i don't really remember the situation, it was just in the heat of the moment when i was saying some stupid things so i'm very sorry about that.

Honestly, I don't think you should come back because of what you've done in the past, but what you have also done in the present.

According to PapaRussia, you made fun of someone's uncle who died in the war? That's really messed up dude. You also were very toxic, and generally we want to keep people like you out and bring new people in that aren't toxic. How are we supposed to know you wont be toxic when you come back. Thirdly, on Abu's Unban Appeal you stated "If I can't get unbanned you can't". The reason for Abu’s ban were slightly similar, but you were just toxic in general and wanted to mass rdm.

I don't think you're ready to come back. -1
Bouncy Rounds

I do agree with Papa, Julian should have included the toxicity in the post. Then again, he doesn't need to as that's not why he was banned. "how do you keep coming back? ( MASS RDM GO AWAY )" It seems like a crap shoot to me.

Now with Julian's toxicity, we've had someone banned due to toxicity and when he came back he's acting decently at the moment. That was only two months, Julian has had a year to think about his actions. And what he spewed about the uncle dying in war. There is not much more we can do about that, he said that in the moment and he apologized for it. Would Julian say it now? I would highly doubt he would say anything near that. Nor would he mass RDM because he wanted too.

And with Julian's comment on Abu's unban request. To me, it was a tongue-and-cheek thing and very childish. Nothing to get serious about.

I believe that he's had a good thump on the head, he's learn from this experience, and won't RDM on purpose. +1

Personally, I don't care all too much. I think the people on the server are very harsh considering we all mass rdm at least one time even on accident. At least this person has the decency to admit he did it, and wants to play again after so long.

The worse thing he can do is kill more people and get banned again. It's not too out of the ordinary that people want to play a server they regret getting banned on.
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