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Toxicity Guidelines

Staff Against Toxicity

As a staff member, how are you able to deal with toxicity? It's a subjective matter that tends to be common on the internet, so what draws the line between trolling and actual harm? How do you punish it in a fair-seeming way and when's the appropriate time to do so?
I'm cutting down to three subjects to deal with these events:

1.) Toxicity in Reports
2.) Direct Toxicity
3.) Indirect Toxicity

These three areas can only be enforced within an official Garry's Mod FRG server.

1.) Toxicity in Reports

2.)Direct Toxicity

3.) Indirect Toxicity

Warning System:
  • All regular warnings should stay in effect for 1 week.
  • Administrative warnings are to be kept for 2 weeks and count as a regular warning during that time. Try to keep track of those and communicate them if possible.
  • Toxicity warnings should be logged in the Problematic Players thread. They will last 1 month. Please mark them - communication is the key to success.
  • Toxicity warning bans are permanently on a players record. 3 Toxicity warnings will result in a 2 month ban and a demotion/removal of rank. 2 toxicity warning bans will result in a permanent ban.

This is being posted publicly to hopefully tell you what NOT to do and to go into depth of what is considered toxicity.

- That Thrakos Noob

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