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Thanks for the memories guys.

Hello everyone,

I'm just gonna start this off by saying thank you, to all of you. I know I've been a disrespectful asshole to most of you, and I wanted to say sorry. A decent amount of you have been in my life since I was 12(4 whole years). You guys have had a major impact on my life, for better and worse. I've changed a lot over those 4 years. I went from being a lying squeaker in collage, to a mute weeb, to an edgy weeb teenager. You guys have seen me at my best, and at my worse. I have made many friends, but with that I have also made many enemies. Now I'm gonna do the generic "make a list of people that have had a major change in your life" thing.

Terran - Terran...where do i start. I've known you since I first became a weeb(around mid 2013 I believe.), and you have definitely had a major impact on my life. We've had a lot of bumps in the road, but in the end we usually ended up talking again, up until recently. I wanted to say thank you for all that you've done for me, and sorry for anything I've done to you. I did value our friendship up until some recent events.

Dreadark - Definitely one of my best friends on FRG. I've known him since early 2015, but I'm definitely glad I did. He has always been someone I can talk to when I'm down, and also someone who can hold a good conversation, while i can't.

Brassx - You were the person that got me into coding. Your work is always amazing, and I always love seeing it when a patch note comes out. You are one great owner, and an excellent coder, who is extremely humble about it. I know when FRG first came out of beta, I did some really regrettable things to you, but you forgave me and allowed me back into FRG, which I can't thank you enough for. I wish you all the best with FRG.

Grassx - closet weeb xd

Aresuft - I value you as a friend, even though we really don't talk anymore. You helped me through a hard time on FRG and I can't thank you enough. You are a very talented modeler, and your work is amazing. Keep it up.

To everyone else - If your name isn't up there, I apologize. Anyways, thank you for dealing with me for so many years. I know I've been an asshole to most of you, and I can't apologize enough. I know some of you really dislike me, and I really can't do anything about that.

Now to the reason I'm departing. I think Dreadark said it perfectly(time to completely rip off his departure), I hear tobiasxz more than I hear my actual name(Grant(yeah yeah, make fun of my name xd)). I have gotten more of a social life recently, and I feel like FRG will just be a distraction. Everyday, for the past year almost, I come home, hop right on my computer, and play FRG from 2:30 pm, all the way to 10 pm, and I just don't think that's healthy. I'll still probably be playing CSGO with my IRL friends, and be on steam, but that will also die down, along with my play time on FRG.

This thread was kinda out of left field, but besides that thanks for all the memories guys, bye.

I hope this doesn't mean you'll be gone forever I would hate to see such and long time play and a friend leave the server, you have a big impact here and i'm sure you will be missed dearly.

Wait what? Where did this come from. #blindsided..

and im not a weeeeeeeeb.

edit: WELL OBVIOUSLY real life is important. Have fun with the outside and stuff.

(11-08-2016, 06:07 AM)Grassx Wrote:  Wait what? Where did this come from. #blindsided..

and im not a weeeeeeeeb.

edit: WELL OBVIOUSLY real life is important. Have fun with the outside and stuff.

Yeah, this post just kinda came out of left field.


who GRANTed you permission to leave

- That Thrakos Noob

wtf are you even the real tobiasxz? you didnt put a single weeb related thing in this.

Tobby, we never really got along until recently, and in that short time (like 1 week) I realized own faults and came to respect you.
I'm really upset to see you go, and I feel if you had stayed longer, we could have been great friends.
Umpty Dumpty

I cry evrtim, u are actually one of my bestest video game friends. I've always loved arguing with you over dumb shit : ). At least play csgo with me

Seems like so many regulars have been departing out of nowhere, hope to see you back again sometime tobias

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