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Retro Games Showcase V2

You got some serious gems there man, and its a worthy collection. I usually *don't* like collections of things, but thats usually when it comes down to crap like those funko dolls "Wow a new doll released time to insta buy!"
But collecting retro or neat stuff (like the games, or even stamps/coins) are cool. I collect rocks, but its just random rocks I find that are nice. I prefer the sort of oval shape ones. Not very interesting I guess.
Hella pricey collection though, wow.
That's cool

gamecube games aren't old... im not old... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

dang ur collection is looking pretty nice. kinda jealous. the only real "retro" games of value I have are some gamecube games which I bought for like 20 bucks years ago and are now like 150 each.

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