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ProfessorSpace BetaTester Application

Age: 19
Where did you hear about Voslom from?: You
Why do you believe you should be granted access to Voslom?: I have a few computers i could be willing to test it on both being low end and high end pcs, as a coder i feel i can put the system to the test to find bugs and provide valuable information on how to fix it if you come across a issue. That and ive been apart of your community since way before you left ntg(Flying dutch was still manager and semi-active) and have reported any hackers that have come onto the server along with their hacks, so i mean that counts right hehe? aswell as shown you current bugs in your server and donated(i dont think this counts)
My Operating System: Wins 7(laptop) Win 8(Desktop) Win10 (Desktop, Laptop)

If you read the requirements section you would have seen you need to have 100 In-game hours and also be a member.

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