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Weapon ideas

borderlands inspired
name: Splasher Blashter
Rarity: Purple-Primordial
weapon type: sg 553
+18% fire rate
+14% damage
+10 clip
-18% mobility
-15% stability
-18% reload speed
suffix: 1 in 13-14 chance to make a purple splash on the target making them take 20-30% more damage for 1.5-3 seconds

gun model (give it a gun trigger and handle grip)

doing this instead of a traditional borderlands spasher blashter because its a bit hard to recreate and implement in the game without looking a bit too big.

rarity: purple
weapon type: tmp
+17% damage
+21% firerate
+10 clip
-19% stability
-18% mobility
-18% reload speed
suffix: 1 in 13 chance to make target not be able to see ui or gun(can still shoot gun and switch weapons) for 2-5 seconds

gun model(this but the white is black and the black is blue)
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memey game. memey ideas. meh. dont feel like they're needed.

(08-03-2016, 05:23 PM)Dreaddork Wrote:  memey game. memey ideas. meh. dont feel like they're needed.

yeah ill take out the silly houdini shit, but i never see any memes other than movie references in borderlands so how is it memey exactly? isnt being memey means its part of a 12 year old trend or a some internet trend?
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