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Sapphire Medallion

Hi everyone!

Here's my first coinshop creation! It took me about an hour of meddling in blender and texturing, but I finally got it!


Description for item:
A glistening gold and sapphire medallion, awarded to those who fought without rest, nourishment, or social livelihood.

Suggested means for obtaining this item:
  • 200 rubies
  • 500 coins
  • Achievement item: get 300 kills in one week
  • Achievement item: Play for 77 hours
  • Lobby Item: Collect 50 sapphire stones/fragments/collectibles/whatever

Alright, let's break this down.

We already have badges, that require no downloading what so ever, they are streamed from a website directly to your game/server.

Why would anyone want to download a full model, plus the actual textures, when with badges, you don't need to download anything.

I'm not trying to be mean or anything, it's good that you're taking the time to learn how to model stuff and trying to help the server, but you should really try to do something more unique, like aresuft.

His models are unique, nicely textured, and took him more than an hour to model.

again, sorry, not trying to hurt your feelings, but I just had to say this.

Also, the model looks good and everything, it's just not needed.

It's basically a badge, except that it would be slightly less rare, and purchasable by coins.
It also has a bit more form to it, but if it's not needed just -1 it and see what others think about it.
Also yeah I probably should do a more detailed project.

Yeah I agree with Tobias, not trying to be mean or anything but I just don't feel like it's necessary.

I would have to agree with toby as well.

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