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Compliment the person above you!

I feel like there isn't a lot of positivity spread throughout FRG, and I think that everyone deserves to have something nice said about them, since (for me at least) it tends to be a great boost in confidence!

1. Compliment the person who posted before you!
2. If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all.
3. No shitposting noobs allowed. If someone shitposts as their "compliment", feel free to skip them.

Let's do it Big Grin
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He's not just Nuggie, he's also Snuggie.
Does a TON of admin work for the server!
Really good friend of basically everyone.
Great guy all-around despite his young age.

You are a good guy,
Please do keep up the hard work,
We all rely on you.

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Your name is terran and I like your voice

nemo is like a pancake i love pancakes :3
FUN ^ 10 x int ^ 40 = ir2
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Mini cosmic is a Rogue Mage. Hes a 2 in 1 offer.
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You are a cool guy and are always fun to play with. I like when you change your name and profile picture to dank af memes.
ty for talking to me babe
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You've grown to be one of my closest friends, and I really appreciate your existence. Don't change for anyone Enchantable, you're great Big Grin

nuggie you smell like food i love food
FUN ^ 10 x int ^ 40 = ir2
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mini. You smart. You Loyal, you a genius. You changed. Alot. Never give up.

Sam your Pranks are Hilarious can we have a sequel to the Best Friend Killing Prank?

Community be like:"That wasn't very cash money of you"

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