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Pigeon Lord's Request for Entrance to Voslom

Where did you hear about Voslom from?: NotChosen gave me a bit of the information and told me about all of the cool stuff in it, and I read a little bit of the thread that showed some pictures of it.
Why do you believe you should be granted access to Voslom?: I really have enjoyed playing FRG, but I have burned myself out for GMod, I just can't enjoy it. Being able to play Voslom would allow me another avenue of staying in the community, and I would be able to thoroughly enjoy what already is shaping into an awesome game. I also promise to abide by the request to report any and all unreported bugs, and will try my hardest to find anything that will bug out the game so as to assure that it is brought to light and able to be fixed.
My Operating System: Windows 10

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