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FIIIIIRST! (Also hi) - Approved

Age: 18 (19 in 11th dec Tongue)

Where did you hear about Voslom from?:

These here forums, and from some people in the teamspeak showing sneaky pictures.

Why do you believe you should be granted access to Voslom?:

I currently study Computer Science at University (Closely related to games development although I don't specifically chase becoming a games dev, I decided otherwise) I feel like I could have a creative and fresh input to Voslom's future development, which from what I've seen in the images looks like a very promising project and would mean a lot to me if I can help contribute my ideas.

My Operating System:

Windows 8.1

you're lucky i sent this to you, or dread would be the first.

anyways ur gay and would probably exploit, -1


Approved(Let's see how high your ping is, and if it effects gameplay much).

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