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For Cyance (Take 2)

For those of you which, I've had many messages stating that people had 0 idea I was banned for the last, 2 months?

I will miss very few of you, the few I can trust.. This being said I was banned for being racist to a troll over steam chat which put me on thin ice (EagleDestroyer) and apparently being the center of drama which I still get told of much drama such wow.

I suppose I caused a ton of shit yet had 1 complaint before many people stabbed me in the back and couldn't hold a private conversation (and eveyone wonders why I have trust issues). I stated my opinion about a manager which I even apologized for as requested by BrassX the day of my ban.

Whelp this is my departure we'll just call this the toilet paper of my last skid marks on FRG. (Was gonna post in shit posting... woulda made this much more lolzy)

I bid you all farewell, happy thanksgiving and a ghoulish halloween. Much love to the few whom know who they are!

To those that don't get much love, you all did matter in one way or another and I may not miss you as much but somewhere in my potheadishalcoholic heart, I will hope the best for you.

(Posted since first one was deleted and nobody knew why I was banned)


Bye again Cyan, sorry for the things I did to our friendship, I regret it a lot. you're missed on FRG and I hope whatever you do now is fun for you!

I will miss you a Lot cyan. When I first joined Frg u were my role model. I will never forget you
Umpty Dumpty

Bye cyan! Much love to you!

This is stupid :/

Bye. Have fun wherever. But if the first one was deleted why make another?

(10-11-2015, 04:06 AM)Dread Dark Wrote:  Bye. Have fun wherever. But if the first one was deleted why make another?

Because the rule was changed.

I said what I had to say on the other thing, and it's a lot of effort to go and type it all again, but ily.
I hope that 0.0001% chance pulls through and you wanna get on for shits 'n' giggles.

Love you <3

- That Thrakos Noob

Bye Mr.cyanspy we will all miss you were really fun to hang out with and we had many good times i hope your welcomed onto whichever server you come into

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