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valkoinen's beta app {edit for clarity}


Where did you hear about this server?*:
NTG forums and friends, i play often on NTG with Mr. Cyan Spy and have been trying to play more often with Jake

Why do you want to be a Private Beta Tester?:
I love how NTG works currently, the amount of work that has been put into its coustom changes is astounding and the polishing that has gone over the base has realy formed something game changing. id really like to get in as FRG starts up considering how appealing it is to me. id like to do all I can community and player wise to help this project reach its finish and beyond.
Although NTG has been great to me I feel it could use some streamlining in the community aspect and that just isnt possible without a new start. I'd really like the chance to uproot and move on to FRG whilst playing NTG with any of my friends who arent interested in the move.

Are you a member of Next Tier Gaming?:

Any other info:
I have experience doing many other closed and open betas including multiple early release steam games as well as MMORPS like Elder Scrolls Online and a few korean ones during their american server closed betas.

I have some experience with programming though I will not lie and say I know Lua, id love to take the time to learn anything I dont know if it could help in any way.(though my one year run in college for network administration and security is no proof of that.)

Steam Profile:http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198020524096/
I also submitted a thread in the ntg forums if anything there is pertinent info. considering the fact that the two entities seem seperate from one another i've decided to resubmit in the proper forum.


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