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Wizurdous's Christmas Ideas

Bagnarock (name tbd)
Pass Tier 7 Prim

Santa sack designed for taking rather than giving.

Holding left click will charge up an overhead swipe. A headshot will snatch a player, trapping them in your sack. Hitting anywhere else will do a small amount of damage with a slight push.
After trapping a player you can hold them for 12 seconds, but the victim can struggle. Struggling, done by repeatedly tapping the strafe keys, can reduce the time to a minimum 6 seconds.
(You could add a hidden option to extend the duration by struggling with different keys for players who want to goof around)

Holding a player won't result in a mobility penalty, but the victim's struggling will push the user around.

Left clicking with a captured player will drop them out with a light push.
Hold right click will wind up a progressively stronger toss. (Charging for 12 seconds should throw them comically far, like potentially enough to scale a construct tower)
After being thrown the release timer will continue to go down, but should not release before landing.

Freljordian justice
Device Exotic

Left click is just the average 2 tap slow melee swing.

The hammer will need to either have a freeze mechanic via left click headshot or via a bloodweep-type projectile
The right click will wind up a powerful hit (reference: bone bludgeon) but its primary purpose is to shatter frozen targets. After a shatter, the target will have an ice retextured ruby curse corpse and ice shards will explode off of them. (bonus points for working on other ice cube weapons)


Christmas Morning
Pass Godlike/Exotic

Each rightful kill will spawn a present somewhere on the map the round after.
Presents can work as the pumpkin clip refill trait, give a slight random stat buff, contain a d20 stacked item, or have a mildly rare chance to do nothing.

Wrongful kills will spawn vengeful spirits that are unkillable and apply Christmas debuffs when they hit you. The vengeful spirits can either be reskinned deathballs, or survive teleporters, or a split of both.

Included is a flamethrower because I think it'd be pretty good at causing you to create vengeful sprits. I would not be opposed to a weapon change though.

This last item could be split into different items if you desired.
If left as a single item this would make for a good fight unique.

Based on tboi purity.
Item transforms every time the user dies.

Form 1: Christmas Past

Shotgun with mobility somewhere between durins and swift

Slippery floors no longer inhibit control and boost the users speed. Ice traits also apply the same speed boost.
Pellets leave behind a brief slippery surface. Pellets that hit a target leave a recolored wound trail, and as the victim moves they leave behind a slippery trail.


Form 2: Christmas Present

LMG designed for pve damage output.
Alt + E super cools the LMG allowing it to shoot much faster. This comes at the cost of freezing the user in place and dealing incremental damage that requires healing to survive the entire duration. (bonus if the weapon skin changes from default to variant during ability use)


Form 3: Christmas Future

version a) designed for the instance where the hammer doesnt get added
-headshots shatter target into ice shards, but unlike the hammer there is no corpse left behind. (for the hammer the shards come from the ice block, but the sniper turns the victim into shards)

version b)
-Morningstar buddy is spawned above victim's corpse.


TY for your time Big Grin

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