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yas Ban Appeal

Steam Name (Current):
Steam Name (During incident):
Chaxter Brown
Steam ID:
Steam Profile Link:
Name of staff you were banned by:
Nil (console)
Length of the ban:
Would you like your ban shortened or repealed?:
Either, I would just like to play the server again.
Reason for ban:
Did you commit the actions stated in the ban reason?:
Yes i did cheat
What really happened?:
I cheated on the server 3 years ago. Theres not much to say for myself, i just decide that i wanted to cheat on the server.
Additional details:
Im sorry for cheating on FRG. As much as I can remember, I am pretty sure I had no warnings. I would really like to play the server again and have another chance! I was a decent member on the server, not causing any drama or issues appart from me cheating, and id like to play FRG again as im going to stop playing velkon as im not treated very nice there ;_:

if you wanted to cheat on the server then you clearly didn't care for it down the line so why would you deserve to be unbanned thats a skill issue

I'm sorry to say but we have never made an exception to not unbanning people who cheat (at least in my knowledge).

Shouldnt of cheated in the first place bruh -1

-1 cheaters never win

Sorry we don't unban cheaters.


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