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Seus Complaint

Steam Name of Offending Player(s):Seus

Steam ID of Offending Player(s):STEAM_0:0:98343519

Map the event happened on:Tribulation

Date of event:8/27/2021

What Happened?:Seus purposefully shot his crap cannon at a group of players during chaos with the intent to knock them into the lava killing them.

Witnesses: Image

Evidence: Password: Manzy

Knowing hes bug abusing.

Is not the first time hes done it.

Shows no remorse.

Shits toxic and does not belong in frg. Trib ban = not good enough.

Target Neutralized.

Didn’t mean to react dumb, was on phone and tried to see reaction list

Kicked out of 109 Trib runs

"I cant believe I got fucked by a donut"

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