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Event Throwing on Tribulation

Steam Name of Offending Player(s): Dominator,Z3R0W0K3_()_ , Benzo

Steam ID of Offending Player(s) : (in order of names above)  STEAM_0:0:520493601 | STEAM_0:1:146463170 | STEAM_0:1:43113673 |

Map the event happened on: Tribulation

Date of event: 8/5/2021

What Happened?: TL;DR - Event throwing

         Currently Tribulation is a new event. But as tribulation is a new event not many people know what to do within the event and understandably that's fine. But the issue comes right now is people wanting to get into winning runs with consistent winning players. As of the Tribulation run starting on 8/5/21 at 12:34AM CST, a max capacity run by the way, had people from the run prior to that throwing the run WITHIN 9 MINUTES, WITH PLAYERS WHO CAN HELP TEACH AND SHOW OTHER NEW PLAYERS WHAT TO DO purposely throwing and convincing people to throw so that they could instantly join the next run which had an almost filled group/more experienced group
        Now I understand the want/greed to complete runs to get the new loot/discoveries. What I don't appreciate is the people willing to have runs thrown for personal greed. Personally I have spent quite a bit learning tribulation along with a good chunk of other players. Time consuming nonetheless we used our time, and some more, to learn the attack patterns and such to increase survivability. The fore mentioned players are experienced players  ( 1 who is not but mentioned that they were throwing) who have spent quite a bit of time playing Tribulation, instead of helping teach, insisted on throwing the run and getting into the next as soon as possible instead of using the run as a learning experience or actually trying to do the event.
       I wouldn't have any issue with the run ending. But some people were way to eager to go into the run previously mentioned and ruin others possibly last chance and time for tribulation for the day. And as experienced/well understanding of the rules (supposedly) players, they should all know damn well they should be trying to play the run through instead of throwing a time sensitive event, even if they know the possibility of winning is slim. And for these players there need to be some sort of punishment and not just a warning. They knew what they were doing and really, bringing a negative attitude into the run and then choosing a negative outcome for themselves which can lead to breaking a rule and harming just about everyone in that server list.

     Ending on that note, I personally think they need some sort of timeout and warning for tribulation, even if it is a new event. Because of what they did was wrong and a very ill-example for newer/returning players who don't know about the new rules.

Witnesses: Do many to list (most will probably self mention)

Evidence: Images provided in attached images (PLEASE LOOK AT THEM)

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Im a weeb since I play Osu! aparrently, Enchantable's fault


New players and bad players are fine(I'm both), but I have actually learned and tried my best to get better at the event. But when someone actively avoids being in a run and learning, he clearly doesn't want to learn and just wants to leech. He also was going out of his way to pick fights

Seems like someone who needs to take a break imo.

I have no issue with them joining the runs but when you tank a previous run just to join another run thats kinda scummy. If you yourself are not there to attempt to help the group win then why are you there?

I've seen dom in our runs 4-6 times with 4 deaths, sub 10 kills just about every run.

zero i've never actually seen in trib so i assume hes just learning

benzo was overall just disruptive the whole time to the point where he got gimped. It was actually a struggle to do the event because of how much he was spamming the fuck out of voice chat and logs should be looked at from the trib run cause it was getting toxic...

cheny was just there... idk what to say tbh

Do i think they should be banned? no
Do i think they were leaching? i mean ya thats kinda obvious from my PoV but not everyone would see it that way
If you join an event where you know nothing about it you should always try to learn and outside of the first week of trib i've not really seen that apart from a handful of people.

My statement would pretty much be about the same as panda, like for instance i've put 24 hours into trib since its launched and all day today was spent going into runs with most of those people listed and I would say panda is spot on with how they are, I feel all my time is wasted when I do this because I put in effort here to have these new players that dont even want to attempt to learn just running around like a chicken with there head cut off, I 100% they get a punishment and not just a stern talking to punishments have seemed pretty light for event griefers and it should be shown and made an example of that you cant just waste peoples time.

The fact that 9 minutes for between 2 runs means literally loading in and then dying immediately, like in this run there was Lman, Zeroworks, Morlock and some other notable people, like there was no way this wasnt organized cause since the like the first clear was done it seems like most people are just trying to "Get in with the Experienced players", like some people i understand are trying to learn but people who literally put in 0% effort and then complain about not getting a win is just annoying, like the players who are winning are have gone in plenty of times to get experience to win in the first place. WInning isnt just having the good players its learning to communicate with players and just repetition. Dominator is the only person i can say is not actively throwing he attempted quite alot of runs from my knowledge

This link is who were all part of that run, i cant say everyone here is an accomplice to actively throwing but if these players are caught doing this again they should be event banned

I am curious as to what Lee has to say about this, because he was in that 9 minute run.

I'd very much like to hear from more players that were in that run, like others have said, the fact that it took only 9 minutes between starting and wiping means everyone there was on board with this. If Lee was there in that group like Manzy says, I am confused how this happened in the first place as 1. He has some authority and 2. It's not like Lee to throw a run and "try and get in with the winning group". I just have a hard time seeing Lee going along with this.

As for the people who convinced others to throw in that run, there should be a strong consideration to temporarily banning them from Tribulation. They are an AWFUL example to new runners.

It's hard to understand why you would start an underpopulated run and then throw because it's underpopulated.

(08-06-2021, 06:55 PM)Wizurdous Wrote:  It's hard to understand why you would start an underpopulated run and then throw because it's underpopulated.

It was 12/24 people

I mean people were whining in that run, i tried to convince people to give it a shot but it is what it is. I dont recall hearing any throw to get in with the good people talk.

A good margin i would say were trying but i didnt record anything and dont remember every detail

I do remember not wanting to do another run and afk open crates and it seemed that people dipped the queue before it popped

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