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TTT Lights Go Down

Lights Go Down is a quick side project I wanted to do. I started at the beginning of May.

The map is inspired by an album that I like a little too much, called "Razzmatazz" by I DON'T KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME, being an indie and electronic style group. Throughout the map you can see clear inspiration based on their album cover colors, and their other discography.

This also marks my 6th year of mapping, starting back in June of 2016.

Map Features:
Flogger T trap
Music Easter Egg
Ammo throughout the map

I didn't have too many ideas for other content, but if I update the map in the future I'll most likely add other additions.
(also didn't think the map will be so reflective, but still looks good)

Music Used:
Do It All The Time (Instrumental)
Razzmatazz (Instrumental)
Lights Go Down
Leave Me Alone (Snippet)

Assets Used:
Custom Textures - TOPHATT WaFFle

Workshop page here

wowee sick nice parade nice map!


seems nice +1 from me but it might not matter from a level 3

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