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Gaylek Membership Application

Age: 16

Steam Name(Current): Gaylek

Time played on servers?  25 hours lobby| 235 hours TTT

Where did you hear about this server?: 2 years back in moat. took a break and now, here to stay

Have you ever been banned and why?: I don't know if a mute is a ban, Muted a week for toxicity.

Why do you want to join?: I have enjoyed this community more than any other good community. And I would like to be a full member of it.

Referred by: None

Additional Details: I only play with voice_enable_0. A little trick I learned from csgo HVH. This has helped calm me down in general playing ttt. No issues or warnings since for toxicity. I only interact with people when apologizing for rdming, or buying items so I understand if I am not well known. But I have been active this past month.

-1 muted for toxicity is a bad look for a member


I think being able to interact on a scale of more than just text chat with the community (not saying you need a mic) is important for being a member. I think I'll have to play with you a little more before I decide if it's worth changing my opinion

Big fat +0 from me. Seen some questionable behavior(such as the mute) that I'm not sure is worthy of a -1, but definitely comfortable with a +0 here. (Changed to -1 because of ban for using an autoclicker/pseudo autoclicker)

most of the time I see you, you are afk on ttt for extended periods of time

edit: loser imagine auto clicking -1

+0 i can't really say how you'd be if you did interact with the community more, i don't want to give a response in either direction until i have a chance to interact with you.

i like gaylek for obvious reasons +1

i actually havent noticed any toxicity or problems with this guy. don't know where all the +0/-1 is from


Like donger said I haven’t had any problems with him
Seems fine to me tbh

Yeah nvm

idk if you're still a edgelord bc i haven't played with you recently but if you havent changed since ur mute i dont see you fit for member

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