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Françoise Appledelhi Member Application

I have nothing against Françoise. But every time I see him he's trying to start shit with a random player.

Can we please make sure feedback is in regards to behavior on FRG? It's a fresh start here, we don't wanna judge people based on other servers!

- That Thrakos Noob

Haven't had any problems with him so far, seems to abide by the rules as far as I've seen. +1

Haven't had the pleasure of doing a raid with him but it is very enjoyable to play TTT with him.

Just poor nob trying to make a living but can't cuz he nob, other than being nob he doesn't cause many issues +1

Hes funny as hell and just makes everyone laugh and put people in a good mood, +1

Never really had any problems with him anywhere.

guy isn't as bad as some people would like to make you believe he is, he's just misunderstood
+1 good guy doesn't intentionally break rules or cause issues often


- That Thrakos Noob

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