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RegionalAtBest's membership application

Age: 19

Steam Name(Current): RegionalAtBest

Time played on servers?: 75 hours in ttt, and 9 in lobby

Where did you hear about this server?: heard about it awhile ago on another server called NTG, and i tried it out and played it for a bit but it didnt stick, but ive been really active lately and plan to put a lot of time into it

Have you ever been banned and why?: nope

Why do you want to join?: hoping to move up in the ranks, i really enjoying playing the server, and i love all the unique aspects of it, and its all i've played for the past week or so and i can see that continuing. i'd love to be staff in the future and to be as helpful as i can in anyway possible.

Referred by: The Black Parade

Additional Details: I had over a thousand hours in the other server i used to play on and would have continued with it but it was shut down, and this server has kinda filled that void. I stopped playing gmod really when the other server closed, but now its the only game i play and i want to try and grow and get familiar more with this community and get involved with it.

Biggie nob man even on NTG
Like he poopy at vida games but at least is familiar with rules +1 for now

yeah suck at games moz is right, super toxic but i guess +1 lul ex de

I remember regional from NTG, he's a pretty good dude. +1

+1 Haven't seen him do anything wrong and he seems pretty chill.

Looks like a good dude, hasn't done anything wrong infront of me at least, bad at the game, +1

Pretty good person, understands rules and trading (I guess from NTG...) +1

was such a good person in NTG glad to have you back in the community, +1


- That Thrakos Noob

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